How Configure Outlook 2010 for Yahoo Mail?

Now that Outlook 2010 has been released, those of us who use either Outlook and Yahoo Mail are anxious to prepare a Yahoo Outlook 2010 link. And it is easy to configure Outlook 2010 to Yahoo, in case you know how to manage a couple of particulars.

But from the email I have received, along with the posts I have seen online, a lot of people have gotten snagged on at least one of those details. Here are a few of the errors that people often make when trying to make Outlook 2010 and Yahoo Mail work collectively:

  1. Yahoo will not allow you to connect to a free Yahoo Mail account with Outlook (or any other email program). I have heard many explanations for why this is so, however, in the long run, it doesn’t matter why.

To produce a Yahoo Outlook 2010 link, you must upgrade your routine Yahoo Mail account to your Mail Plus account or a Business Mail account. For most people, I recommend Yahoo Mail Plus.

This update is not a big hassle. You acquire some additional capabilities from the upgrade, foremost of which is the capability to connect with Outlook. However, it does cost you a little bit of cash ($19.95annually, or $1.66/month) in exchange for the big advantage of getting your Yahoo email in Outlook.

  1. Using an Unsupported Protocol

We will need to lapse into geek speak to get a moment. Individuals with some expertise in this kind of thing try to prepare a Yahoo IMAP connection since the IMAP protocol is more flexible and powerful.

However, Yahoo doesn’t support IMAP connections. Rather, they rely upon POP3 connections.

  1. Guessing in Any Way the Settings

While anyone can set this up the relationship as soon as they know how the appropriate settings to use aren’t necessarily obvious to most people. As a result, they make one or more of those little setting wrong, and the entire project falls.

That is why working together with instructions from someone who has already set this up many times can help save you a lot of headaches. Do you truly need to spend hours trying different settings before you get it right?

Now you’ve seen the three important issues I’ve seen when folks attempt to produce a Yahoo Outlook 2010 link. Getting it is doable and fairly easy, whenever you have the ideal assistance.

Would you prefer to find any well-tested, incremental instructions that show you exactly how to configure Outlook 2010 to Yahoo Mail? As the reviews you’ll find their show, many individuals have created a Yahoo POP3 connection to Outlook 2010 with the instructions with this Yahoo Outlook 2010 page.

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