What is My Yahoo Search – Beyond bookmarks

TYahoo has long offered email, an online calendar, notes, bookmarks, and more through their free My Yahoo service. Now Yahoo has expanded this service even more by adding My Yahoo Personal Search to the mix.
Personal Search is another way of storing bookmarks, however, with more features than the older browsers provided. As soon as you find a page you prefer, you click on the button to bring the page to the “My Web” part of Personal Search. It is possible to perform a search and optionally block or save any results pages. Obviously, you may also input a URL directly, then click on the URL to add that page to My Web too.
Your My Web contents are accessible from any personal computer with Internet access, so it functions as an online bookmark storage support. Usually, bookmarks are stored only within the browser to the computer you normally use. Therefore online accessibility is a convenient feature if you travel.
The outcomes stored on My Internet are both shareable and searchable. To share, you choose the pages that you wish to discuss and click the Share button. Easy enough. It’s possible to share directly from search results too, without adding the webpage to My Internet.
When you have some pages stored in My Web, after that you can easily search within those pages to discover what you’re looking for. This isn’t a very simple look of a description area like those offered by some plugins. This is an authentic live search of just the pages you have stored on My Web Site. Pages stored in My Web could be sorted by date, search phrases, or even URL.
All in all free Online Content My Yahoo Personal Search is a very useful addition to this Yahoo collection.

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