Invite Your Friends to Play Fantasy Football on Yahoo 2017

Yahoo is a popular email service provider who constantly tries to supply some exciting and new features to you. Aside from supplying the email services, Yahoo is supplying you an exciting feature in which you may play fantasy football game. It’s a cool time pass game which can help you when you are becoming bored. You can play this fantasy league game during National Football League season. You can easily join this league by creating it and can act as a commissioner in your league. It is possible to invite your friends also to this league and can test your soccer knowledge. If you are not able to create a fantasy soccer league in your Yahoo account, then you can take help of the Yahoo support number.

Step 1: First, press the Sign-in button found in the upper left corner of the own fantasy league screen. If you don’t have a login ID to play fantasy league, then you can enrol yourself and may make your account.

Measure 2: Now, search for the ‘Commish Tools’ option and click on it. It is present at the peak of the webpage in the flat bar.

If the issue is present, the Yahoo Customer Support Number will enable you to resolve your all problems linked to Yahoo account.

Measure 4: To encourage any friend, you have to enter their email address dividing them by comma. The maximum buddies you can add around 20.

Measure 5: You may add the notice to the people you’re inviting. If you have protected your league with a password, then the invitation includes the title of this league and its password. So, there’s no requirement to send the password and name of the Football league.

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