Get Index to Yahoo Becomes Easy

Get listed in Yahoo directory is very important in web
Website promotion because traffic of Yahoo directory will be
Ranked as No.1. If your Website is listed in Yahoo, you are
Likely to become adequate traffic from it. Many webmasters
Discovered that it is extremely Tricky to get recorded for Granted! It is not impossible but really very
Difficult. You Will Need to spend effort on Yahoo entry,
Let me share the following hints with you:
If your site is a company Website, prepare yourself to cover Yahoo It’s formally
Declared That There’s no free lunch for all company sites
anymore. The cost guarantees that your website will be
Reviewed within seven days. As Yahoo needs to maintain a high
Quality directory, it Cannot promise that your site will be
Comprised after a review. For non-business Website, you can
Nevertheless, submit to Yahoo for no price. However, Yahoo does
Not promise to examine your own website.
For adult Website, you Will Need to pay US$600 until Yahoo¡¦s
Editors may see your website.
Generally speaking, submit to Yahoo requires money. To avoid
Wasting your money, you Want to nicely prepare your site
Before submission.
In your website, Your official business name should be clearly visible.
Yahoo is likely to take it as your website name.
2. There are no broken connections and no under construction
Places exist.
3. Your site Has to Be accessible 24 hours a day and seven
Days a week. If your web server is unreliable, then it means you
Need to switch your web hosting company.
4. If You’re selling products, you Have to Ensure That you
May accept credit card payment online at a secure
Station. More favourably, you take multiple payments
Procedures. Ensure that your business address is available in your
Web website. Preferably, It Needs to Be found somewhere at your At least, you must add a page called about us
Or call us and provide your business address on this
page. Make Sure Your website functions properly in
Separate browsers, at least, the Most Recent Edition of Your site should be loaded fast. Obviously, the
Meaning of ¡§fast¡¨is subjective. If your Website can be
Completely loaded within 6 ¡ft 8 seconds, it should be no
8. Ensure your site Doesn’t Have grammatical and
Spelling errors. It undermines the credibility of your own
Website, and thus, the chance of being approved in Yahoo.
9. Your website must have adequate original content. Your
The site at least includes 5-6 pages. The navigation system is easy to follow and clear. You Have to suggest 1-2 classes, title, and
Description to Yahoo.
2. You Want to spend the time in choosing the most suitable
Class. If you Can’t Pick the correct category, I am
Sure that you cannot get recorded. A guideline I will Provide you
Is That You Need to find your opponents and see which
Category(ies) they’re being put. Then, follow along. If
Your Website is a company site, you have to Put It under one
Of the sub-categories of ¡§Business and Economy ¡§.
3. Utilize your official company name as a website name. Title
Should not compose of more than 5 words.
4. The description ought to be written in 25 keywords. It
Is a Lot better to write it within 10-18 words, stuffed with
Relevant keywords. If it is composed too long, then Yahoo’s
The editor can completely alter your description. Even though
You can receive listed then, You Can’t get any significant
Traffic because the description has no relevant key terms. Don’t submit too often to Yahoo or your Website
Will be regarded as spamming. You may never get listed
then. You May re-submit your site only if you get no
Response from Yahoo 6 weeks following your initial entry.
If you submit your site 2 times with no response, send a
Followup email to You may get
Some response, but there’s not any guarantee. If you have paid US$199, and your site has been You’ve got a chance to appeal within 30 days. Don’t
Appeal too early. Check your site thoroughly before you
Make an appeal because you have only 1 chance. If your site is approved, then you will receive a
Notification from Yahoo. Bingo!
To Tell the Truth, we don¡¦t want to pay the US$199 submission
Charge. However, unique traffic number of Yahoo will be No.1 in
The Earth, It’s deserved to invest effort and money to get
Getting recorded. article Search, Think about the fee is the advertising

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