How do I Protect all deleted or lost yahoo emails?

Aside from other essential things, there are certain things that will need to be given high priority along with one amongst these is data safety task that is to be given priority. Data of any kind is obviously crucial and once it has to do with data loss due to hacked/compromised email accounts; it turns out to be the most critical scenario.
With the beginning of Yahoo email, it’s become greatest medium of communication for the new users as they send private emails to your own friends and nearer ones in the shape of smileys, jokes, messages and official/professional emails to the client by attaching files in the kind of images, text or video file. Yahoo email account is highly likely to get hacked all of the sudden from unidentified locations because of malicious activities conspired and initiated by scammers.
Due to the users normally lose vital data that is saved in drafts in addition to in the form of files that are attached. The data loss happening with the abrupt hacking of Yahoo email accounts may create anxiety in the mind of email users as the information mentioned in the data is quite confidential and secure that can’t be shared with anybody. The secured data may be in the form of banking details, credit card details, server login information; which are truly confidential from consumer’s standpoint. It’s a truly tricky undertaking for the users to recover hacked email account and restore the lost or deleted emails in which significant data is saved. Users face particular problems while attempting to restore the important emails after recovering compromised Yahoo email account.
Reasons behind Issues in Recovering Lost Data out of Compromised Mail Account
The restoration of email account isn’t always successful. Whenever a user places a request to regarding recovery of lost or deleted emails, then it resets the email account entirely.
The most recent request delivered to for mail recovery is considered even if the user sends it multiple times in a row.
Email messages which users receive after restore stage becoming mixed up with restored email messages.
Struggling to restore deleted or lost emails from junk folder as yahoo clears the trash after a definite period of time and messages will be permanently deleted from trash folder.
There are certainly other reasons behind the reduction of data in Yahoo email account apart from email hacking difficulties. Every time a user signs up in Yahoo to avail its email services, there’s a coverage to sign-in at least one time in 10-12 months to keep its own activation. In the event of It Doesn’t happen; there can be a chance that email account has frozen or faxed along with the data saved inside drafts or inbox or folders created in email Cannot be retrieved unless Yahoo accounts are reactivated
Reset old Password of official or personal email account with the registered number and make powerful & case-sensitive password for account protection.
Login to Yahoo Mail Account
Make modifications in email account configurations
Click Inbox, Drafts and Folders in Yahoo email accounts and choose backup of critical emails along with files that are attached to which crucial data is saved.
Steps for Recovering Deactivated Yahoo Mail Account to Bring Lost Data
Clients will need to make sure they have signed into Yahoo email account at least once.
The consumer needs to visit the login page of Yahoo email account by simply clicking
Sign up using Yahoo email account by entering the correct login credentials that will need to be entered by an email client to gain access to its official or personal mail account.
As soon as they provide the vital information and press on purple colour sign-in button they have to confirm their Yahoo identification to trigger the email account. The yahoo identification inserted is supposed to be in the entire format. Yahoo regards this confirmation process accurate from user’s end to activate their dormant mail account.
Fill out the captcha in the box provided over the side and press “Reactivate Button. Wait for 24 hours to get email settings enabled. Once it happens, the static Yahoo email accounts become re-activated in quick time.

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